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Learn How to Influence Others by Selling Your Experience,
Knowledge and Passion

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Selling Yourself Into a Job

William Swansen


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Learn How to Influence other by Selling Your Experience, Knowledge and Passion

In the world you are about to enter, you will find yourself constantly required to support ideas, strategies and concepts. To do this you will have to effectively “sell” others on why you have taken a position or support of an idea, product, or service.

William’s daughter was recently in the same place you are today. Just graduated from college, with little knowledge and skills on how to look for a job. William will provide you some fundamental ideas, concepts and strategies that will help you land a job faster. It did for his daughter. She landed a job relevant to her major and interest by applying his strategies in just 45 days.

Join William as he covers the following important strategies:

  • Ikigai – Discover Your Career Path
  • Negotiating the job offer
  • First 90 days: The Key to Success and Advancement

Take advantage of the years of experience, research and knowledge William has and join this not to be missed presentation to help you land a job quicker.

Presenter: William Swansen

Wiliam Swansen is an expert author on the subject of job search techniques. He has helped thousands of people find their ideal job using a systematic approach to the job search process.

William has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience and has applied the techniques he used in his career, creating a system to help people find their dream job and advance their career.

William’s Job Search Workshops discuss the system he developed and provides job seekers a wealth of resources to help them find a job and thrive once they’ve been hired. William’s clients range from recent college graduates to seasoned professionals looking to move to the next phase of their career. He has worked with job seekers all over the globe and in virtually every industry and profession. In addition to publishing numerous articles about the job search process, William conducts live workshops for groups of individuals looking for jobs.

He volunteers his time helping students, foster youth, and homeless families to enter or return to the workforce. He also provides one-on-one coaching to job seekers from all walks of life.

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