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There are 12,000+ Job Roles – Don’t Limit
Your Exploration

Post Graduation Life

Wendy Flint

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There are 12,000+ Job Roles – Don’t Limit
Your Exploration

Your academic career gave you specific knowledge about your major that your professors felt were critical in order for you to graduate. What your degree did not help you with is to determine which of those 12,000 roles will excite you! Wendy will give you tips and strategies on how you can identify what industry, what role, and what responsibilities will likely match your strengths and interests.

Wendy will introduce three fundamental job search and career strategies.

  • There are multiple pathways for each degree – don’t limit your exploration.
  • 94% of recruiters “vet” candidates on LinkedIn and 92% search for talent on Linkedin. Seek coaching to get your page up-to-date.
  • Your “Professional Summary” – the latest requirement at the top of a resume to get you an interview. Tell your story and include your strengths.

Presenter: Wendy Flint

Dr. Wendy Flint is the CEO of Vision Purpose Passion and career coached adults of all ages to find a career that fits you perfectly. She is also the Director of the IDEA Center (Career and Academic Planning) at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon.. Wendy’s personal passion is to help people find purpose, achieve career success, and empower them to make a difference in the world. At the university she teaches “Developing Your Professional Identify” and “Strategies for Career Change and Advancement.” She also teaches MBA students how to identify and write transferable skills for new job opportunities.

Dr. Flint has 25+ years experience in leadership, training, recruitment and hiring in corporate, government, education, health, and non-profit companies and knows the “insider” specifics on how companies recruit, interview, and hire. She uses strength-based methods to career coach adults of all ages and loves helping baby boomers and seniors re-invent themselves. She coaches independently to help people achieve their goals.You can read testimonies of people Wendy has inspired and coached to career success at

Dr. Flint holds certificates in Strengths-based Teaching, Evocative Coaching, and Appreciative Inquiry.

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