Talk Title:
Job Hunting Secrets They Don’t Tell You About;
How to Get any Job You Really Want – Guaranteed!

Job Search

Wayne Robinson



Webinar Overview

Job Hunting Secrets They Don’t Tell You About; How to Get any Job You Really Want – Guaranteed!

We haven’t found anyone yet that we can call a “born job seeker”! While it doesn’t take the knowledge and experience of a rocket scientist there are fundamental skills and strategies one can implement to land a job faster with less effort. Wayne can fill you in on what you need to do to create a powerful results-oriented job search strategy. He knows! Wayne has obtained every job he really wanted and he’ll share his secrets with you!

Wayne will share the following job search strategies:

  • Don’t be afraid of exploring job opportunities that are beyond your experience
    or skill level
  • Set your sights on what you want and don’t look back
  • Adopt proven strategies to get the job of your dream

Presenter: Wayne Robinson

Wayne C. Robinson is an American inspirational speaker and film producer who inspires and motivates audiences to reach their fullest potential.

Wayne’s career focused on the tourism and hospitality industry in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. He worked in customer service, sales and marketing and became director of sales and marketing at a 5 star property. Wayne has worked for a major cruise line, a commercial airlines, and with Fortune 500 companies as a corporate flight attendant.

Wayne C. Robinson was a military dependent “Army Brat” during his childhood and grew up on military bases in the United States and Europe. He graduated from Munich American High School in Munich, Germany. Then, he pursued music at the Berklee College of Music and University of North Texas, but notsure what he wanted to do with his life.

Consequently, he decided to pursue his love of travel and people and embarked on a career in the travel and tourisn industry. Since then, he has traveled around the world.

Throughout his career, Wayne discovered that the success strategies mastered by successful people and corporations were not being shared with most people. His intention for INSPIRE, is to help others achieve success in their personal lives and careers.

Wayne holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, and Master’s degree in Tourism. He is an alumni of the International Tour Management Institute, and was a U.S. Navy journalist.