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Job Hunting Secrets They Don’t Tell Us You About;
How to Get any Job You Really Want – Guaranteed!

Job Search

Wayne C. Robinson

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Job Hunting Secrets They Don’t Tell Us You About; How to Get any Job You Really Want – Guaranteed!

We haven’t found anyone yet that we can call a “born job seeker”! 

While it doesn’t take the knowledge and experience of a rocket scientist, there are fundamental skills and strategies one can implement to land a job faster with less effort. 

Wayne can fill you in on what you need to do to create a powerful results-oriented job search strategy. He knows! Wayne had obtained every job he really wanted, and he’ll share his secrets with you!  He’s held a variety of jobs in the travel industry, airline industry, real estate, on multiple continents!

Wayne will share the following job search strategies:

  • Help you identify your true passion for a career path.
  • Increase your level of confidence to pursue your dream career.
  • Adopt proven strategies to get the job you truly desire.

Wayne is joining us from Singapore.

Presenter: Wayne C. Robinson

When Wayne C. Robinson decided how he wanted to live his life, he hasn’t turned back since. He has accomplished all his dreams from working as a Commercial Flight Attendant for Northwest Airlines to an Executive Flight Attendant on private corporate jets for Fortune 500 CEOs, celebrities, and as a Junior Officer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, International.

During his career in the travel and tourism industry, he was introduced to success strategies and principles and became a top sales producer. He soon discovered that the principles he learned were not being shared with the general public to acquire success in their lives.

He decided that he was going to spend his life inspiring others to identify and pursue their dreams, and to present proven success principles that have been embraced by successful people and organizations.

Wayne now spends much of his time helping serious job seekers to get any job in any career path. He helps them identify their true passion in a career, increase their level of confidence, and develop the strategies he used to get every job he ever wanted.

Wayne holds a life experience bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and a life experience master’s degree in Tourism. He has attended Berklee College of Music and North Texas State University.

Wayne C. Robinson has been featured on CNN, FOX NEWS, Black Enterprise, Ebony, Essence and many other media across the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. He is the author of Job Hunting Secrets They Never Tell You About, Change Your Thoughts Change Your Destiny, Everything About Timeshares: Before, During and After The Sale, and The African American Travel Guide. His books are sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and many other online bookstores.


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