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Research the Organizations You Want to Work With

Job Search

Viviane Lopuch

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Presentation Overview

Research the Organizations You Want to Work With

Viviane has talked with hundreds of hiring managers who wince when they interview grads who have no clue on what their firm does, or even a general understanding of the job they are applying for. (even after providing them the job description) Viviane will help you stand out from others with tips and strategies on how to show hiring managers you invested time in researching the company’s products, service, and people.

Viviane will discuss three important career management techniques.

  • Understand the organizational landscape
  • Stay on top of industry/sector changes/challenges
  • Don’t think about the job, think about the skills/talents you bring to the opportunity

Presenter: Viviane Lopuch

I am a Gallup -Certified Strengths coach whose Top 5 Themes are Connectedness, Belief, Relator, Individualization, and Futuristic. I tap into each of these Talent Themes (Strengths) to help people develop the skills they need to communicate more effectively and to lead with greater confidence.

Connectedness allows me to see the big picture, to see the ways in which we are all inextricably linked, to passionately believe that when we combine our strengths, we can do amazing things! My Belief and Futuristic themes fuel me in pursuing my life’s purpose; to help others identify and leverage their strengths, to visualize the possibilities, and to get to that “sweet spot” where they focus on their passions, use their innate talents, and contribute in meaningful ways. My Individualization theme helps me focus on every person’s distinct attributes and needs, with my Relator theme driving my commitment to their success.

As a Gallup-Strengths coach, I work with motivated individuals who not only want more satisfaction out of their careers but are ready to take action; who are open to a process of continuous learning, reflection, and growth.

As an educator, I help working adults pursuing an undergraduate degree to develop, refine, and apply their behavioral leadership skills, promoting their engagement and effectiveness in the workplace. I also coach individuals embarking on Graduate and Ph.D studies, as well as junior faculty who are transitioning into a new professional role and identity.

Whatever YOUR goal; leadership coaching, self-discovery, or pursuing a degree, I am committed to supporting you in the process of self-discovery and powerful transformation. What’s your sweet spot?

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