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Three Strategies to Manage Your Student Loan
Portfolio and Pay It Off FAST!

Post Graduation Life

Pay Your Student Loans Fast: A Proven Plan to Break
Free from Debt So You Can Live the Life of Your Dreams

Val Breit


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Three Strategies to Manage Your Student Loan Portfolio and Pay It Off FAST!

You don’t have to stumble through the process of managing your student loan debt on your own. You can learn from someone who has successfully voyaged through a student debt mess by paying off over $42,000 in less than 3 years.

Building a solid financial base is the foundation of a satisfying life. And that starts with wisely and intentionally managing your student loans and any other debt. By following Val’s advice, you will not only save money thousands of dollars, you will also improve your credit rating—which employers often check before hiring to see how responsible and reliable you are.

Show employers you’re the one to hire by implementing Val’s three fundamental themesto get your finances on track:

  • Know your numbers, so you’re not creating a financial mess after graduation.
  • Know where your money goes, so you’re not left wondering where it went.
  • Know how to say “NO” to average life, so you can live the life you love instead.

You will be surprised how easy it will be to implement her suggestions, so you can build your credit rating and an income that will support the lifestyle you dream of achieving.

Presenter: Val Breit

Val accumulated thousands of dollars in student loans in college because she thought that was the only option. She learned about compound interest the hard way thenfelt hopeless about ever getting rid of her pile of debt. When Val started learning more, she got fired up and embrace the challenge of eliminating her college debt as fast as possible. That’s when amazing things started to happen.

As a public-school counselor, Val proved you can get out of debt fast–even on a modest salary–if you create and stick to a plan. She shares theproven plan that helped her save nearly $30,000 in her book “Pay Your Student Loans Fast.”

Val wrote her book and started, a personal finance blog that helps people experience the life-changing freedom that can result from paying off your debt early. Because she quickly eliminated her loans, Val was able to leave her stressful 9-5 job to start her dream job as a work-from-home-mom, an online entrepreneur, editor, and author. She now embraces her “weird” debt-free lifestyle and shares how to start side hustles, destroy debt, and live simply At

Val’s life transformation started with eliminating her student loans. Now she will show you how to ensure debt does not stand in the way of making your dreams your reality.

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