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Write Down Your Dreams and Goals First

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Todd Bauerle

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Write Down Your Dreams and Goals First

You can’t launch a successful career without knowing where you want to end up. Todd will share with you fundamental steps you need to take to first identify the “end game” what you want to achieve, where you want to go in your career and then fill in the steps to get there. You will understand the power of faith in helping you reach your goals.

Todd will get you thinking about critical career launching strategies.

  • Build the dream and goal clearly, first!
  • Fall in love with your talents.
  • Develop and work from an expectant faith that you will succeed.

Presenter: Todd Bauerle

I help get desired results by magnifying potential and shattering the limiting beliefs or habitual thinking which holds businesses, teams and careers back! I have guided businesses from drought to reaching monthly grosses in a week and professionals connect with their dream jobs in a matter of months.

I focus on teaching habits which strengthen a process of positive change, driven by worthy goals designed to inspire and deeply motivating. Through this process, I believe all business and people can unlock passion and unlimited potential.

I help facilitate this process by building a strong relationship of trust and an intuitive understanding of your needs and how you think. I will respectfully challenge your thinking and paradigms, while building your confidence and dignity as we work together to identify and overcome barriers. I patiently influence this change by believing in all you are capable of, so you can make the most out of the opportunities in your business and your life.

While coaching, I engage you in critical conversations and empowering invitations to accept accountability for your learning and success. My clients have remarked, “[Todd] was the best coach I could have asked for;” and “If it wasn’t for Todd, I would not have followed through with my ambitions!”

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