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Do You Have a “Why” Statement And How
You Want your Values to Drive Your Career?

Soft Skills

Susan Curtin

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Do You Have a “Why” Statement And How You Want your Values to Drive Your Career?

You are among the brightest graduates your college has ever produced. You have successfully completed the requirements of all of your professors and have been awarded your degree. The one thing your college likely did not teach you or encourage you to spend time on is how important it will be for your values and interest to influence the direction of your career. Susan will help you build your “Why” statement build on your passions and purpose.

Susan will discuss three ways to communicate your value and passion.

  • Identify your top Strengths, driving Values and Interests related to a Career
  • Identify your “Why” statement, what gives you passion & purpose
  • Identify how to create a network that facilitates career opportunities

Presenter: Susan Curtin

My first career was working as a Career Counselor for San Diego Mesa College. The focus of my Career Counseling was to assist the individuals with discovering what were their Strengths, Interests and Values to assist them with selecting their College major and clarify their Career Goal.

I later created the first internal Career Development Program for the City of San Diego where I assisted employees at all levels of the organization to evaluate what they wanted to achieve in the next phase of their career journey, incorporating the use of their identified Strengths. In 2003, I was hired as the Training Manager for the San Diego County Health and Human Service Agency, there were 6,800 employees 800 of which were Supervisors, Managers and Leaders.

I created their first year-long Managers Development Institute targeting managers who were in a position to change the culture of the organization and to support the organizations Succession Management Plan. The award-winning Managers Development Institute incorporated the use of Gallups 12 questions in order to change the culture of the organization along with the StrengthsFinder so each Manager understood their Strengths to ensure their next career move allowed them the opportunity to utilize those strengths along with their ability to utilize the Strengths of their employees.

In 2016 I completed a 2-day Strengths Train the Trainer program that furthered my interest and continued work utilizing Strengths. That year I also began Coaching in The Honor Foundation that assists Special Operation Forces with successfully transitioning out of the military into the Civilian world of work. Strengths is a core component in the program and the services provided to the Special Operation Forces.

My firm, Insights4Results, LLC, fills a need in public and private organizations to develop leadership capacities, thereby ensuring a pool of talent to fill their key positions.

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