GRAD CareerFestival

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Get Recognition for Helping Grads Get Jobs QUICKER!

Use your email and social media channels to notify graduates about the Grad CareerFestival!

We are looking for a few companies who want to make a difference and help graduates pick up the knowledge and skills they need to launch and lead successful careers. 

Numerous reports and surveys suggest graduates do not have the skills they need in their first professional job search.  In fact, a report by the Career Advisory Board suggests graduates are academically prepared but not marketplace ready!

 Other reports agree:

  • The Chronicle of Higher Education survey found that 31 percent of employers gave colleges a fair to poor rating in preparing students for their careers!
  • Adecco’s research showed that 44 percent of hiring managers cited soft skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration as the area in which graduates are weakest in.
  • A survey by BeYond found that 73 percent of employers did not feel colleges and universities are preparing students for the workforce.

Graduates NEED your Help!

We need your help in reaching more of the Class of 2020 by helping us fund the cost of planning,  producing, and hosting the Grad CareerFestival.  We have four sponsorship opportunities available that can help you:

  • Generate brand awareness in students and graduates
  • Drive graduates to your products and services to generate revenue and customer recommendations

You will also:

  • Receive numerous PR benefits from helping the Class of 2020 launch and lead successful careers!
  • Gain recognition as an organization that is committed to helping graduates launch and lead successful career?
  • Gain access to a huge group of graduates that are ready to start their careers!

You will help college graduates learn the job search skills so they can not only get a job but a job that is relevant to their degree.

 You could help graduates access the four-day event for free.  Contact us to learn how you can become a Grad CareerFestival partner to help first generation and deserving graduates launch and lead succcessful careers.

Participation is limited!  ACT TODAY!

For immediate details contact:

Jeff Wallace  *  * 970-616-0074


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