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Just Graduated Guided Journal: Preparing For Life
After College

Post Graduation Life

Sara Elizabeth Boehm

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Just Graduated Guided Journal: Preparing For Life After College

College graduation means that you are likely headed to many new beginnings: a new city, a new job or school, new faces, new routines.

Sara is going to suggest you take some time right now to document where you’ve been and where you want to go.

You will learn the importance of:

  • Creating a journal to document your experiences, feelings, and thoughts
  • Thinking about your past and how you want it to influence your future
  • Writing down your life and career plan

    Presenter: Sara Elizabeth Boehm

    Sara Boehm has lived the world of corporate relocation, moving 12 times as a child and as an adult. Taking her own experiences in moving as well as those of friends and family, Boehm provides practical advice and encouragement to all going through the process of relocation, especially focusing on those moving their children.

    Boehm is Founder and CEO of Essential Engagement Services, offering resources and guides to help employees and their families whose lives are being disrupted by relocation.

    twitter: @MyEsntlGuide

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