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60 Seconds & You are Hired!

Job Search

Robin Ryan

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60 Seconds & You are Hired!

Research suggests it takes on average over 10 interviews to get a job. 

With those odds, it only makes sense to do a significant amount of research about the firms you are interviewing with and to practice before the interview in order to “ace” the interview.

Robin will give you practical examples and ideas on how you can impress hiring managers and share secrets you need to act on.

You will learn:

  • How to handle the, “Tell me about yourself” question.
  • The importance of being succinct! Don’t drone on! Keep your responses under two minutes.
  • Five-point agenda to prepare for your interview.

You will also learn what you need to include in your elevator speech.

Presenter: Robin Ryan

The Boston Globe calls Robin Ryan America’s top Job Search Expert. If you are looking for help with you career, call on Robin Ryan. The media frequently calls on Robin to offer her expertise. She’s appeared on over 2000 TV and Radio shows including Oprah, Dr Phil, NBC Nightly News, CNN and NPR. Her advice has been seen on the pages of the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Houston Chronicle, Forbes, Money just to name a few.

ABC NEWS SAYS, Robin Ryan has the inside track on how to get hired.Robin spends many of her days working in her busy career counseling practice where she offers career and job search services to clients nationwide including resume writing and interview coaching. Robin has had over 30 years of direct hiring experience and has an extensive HR background.

A popular trainer and speaker, Robin’s high-energy style, coupled with her informative and engaging message has had her in front of over 1200 audiences. She’s been a keynote speaker at numerous national and regional conferences, and is often in front of association members, employee groups, or seen on college campuses talking to alumni and student groups. She is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences teaching HR professionals and recruiters how to advance their own careers, along with other trending topics.

A #1 Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, Robin has written eight career books including: * 60 Seconds & You’re Hired! *Retirement Reinvention * Over 40 & You’re Hired! * Winning Cover Letters * What to Do with the Rest of Your Life * Soaring on Your Strengths * Winning Resumes She is also a weekly columnist for

Contact her at: Email Robin: or Phone: 425.226.0414

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