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Job Boards and Job Search Tools: Strategies to Make them
Work for You!

Job Search

Roberto Angulo



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Job Boards and Job Search Tools: Strategies to Make them Work for You!

You probably didn’t have time while in college to work on your job search skills. Roberto Angulo knows the job search process better than most, as his firm AfterCollege showcases 400,000 entry-level jobs and internships specifically for college grads. He’s the top job board expert for college grads.

After years of seeing grads make mistakes in their job search that cost them their dream job, Roberto decided to share his observations in his book, Getting Your First Job. You will learn proven tips and strategies you can implement in your job search that will help you land a job faster.

Roberto will share the following themes/strategies/tips to use job boards effectively:

  • Proven strategies to leverage the reach of job boards to land a job quickly
  • Innovative job search tools that widen your search with pinpoint accuracy
  • Ten potential benefits besides salary you could negotiate for

You will pick up the knowledge, skills and strategies that will take the anxiety and stress out of your first professional job search, as well as land a job quicker!

Presenter: Roberto Angulo

Roberto Angulo is co-founder and CEO of AfterCollege, the largest career network for college students and recent graduates. He came up with the idea for AfterCollege while studying economics at Stanford University. Not knowing what to do with his degree, he set out to start a service that helped students figure out what to do based on their field of study. Today, AfterCollege is used by millions of students and grads annually to find jobs and internships.

Roberto is also the CEO of Recruitology, a leading recruitment platform that helps small and medium employers hire the right candidates at the right time. The platform gives employers access to best of breed job sites and includes intelligent job distribution, an applicant tracking system and analytics.

He collaborated with President Obama’s Administration on various initiatives, including the launch of Summer Jobs+, which created summer opportunities for youth ages 16-24. He also co-founded, an initiative to engage STEM professionals as mentors to students in kindergarten through graduate school.

Roberto enjoys traveling, running and developing new product and partnership ideas for AfterCollege and Recruitology.

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