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Experience Over Degrees: The Blueprint to Get
You the Job Your Degree Doesn’t

Job Search

Rishav Khanal



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Experience Over Degrees: The Blueprint to Get You the Job Your Degree Doesn’t

We’ve all heard stories about college graduates who can’t find work after college, who are underemployed, and many who are living back home with mom and dad.

Getting a degree is hard work, but getting a job is even harder work and is not something college actually prepares graduates for.Your degree may get you in the door of some companies after graduation, but it does not provide you with a tactical roadmap to choosing the right experiences and then crafting them in a way that gets you hired for the job you want.

Rishav will share the following job search strategies:

  • A Networking formula that sets you apart from the endless sea of college graduates
  • Transform Your Boring Resume
  • The Navy Seal Approach to Mastering the Interview

…and much more!

Presenter: Rishav Khanal

Growing up in Kathmandu, Nepal, I can’t count the number of times I sat in front of the TV mesmerized by Agent Cody Banks and Home Alone.

It was my perception of a “Hollywood America” that enhanced my excitement when moving to the States. However, as I got older, it was tough to fathom the level of apprehension that my mom must have felt when she was traveling to a foreign country with an eight-year-old son. Economically, we were not wealthy.

However, looking back on our journey, I consider myself to have been surrounded with great fortune. I saw my parents work tirelessly to improve my life by utilizing people and technology to foster self-empowerment. The fortune of seeing the value of practical passion and purpose at an early age shaped my thinking to go beyond the norm. This has set my foundation to dream big and achieve the unattainable.

As a former food stamp and free lunch recipient, I have lived through the hardships faced by many Americans. The experience of having lived in underrepresented districts and in a third world country gives me the added perspective not shared by many. In fact, it allows me to draw in the voices of those who feel as though they are not heard.

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