Talk Title:
Understanding the “Paradox of Choice” You Face!

Career Management

Paul Sanbar



Presentation Overview

Understanding the “Paradox of Choice” You Face!

You are in a tough place. You are expected to step off the stage at your commencement ceremony and leverage your very expensive education into a meaningful career. But how do you choose which career and opportunities are going to be best for you. list over 12,000 careers! Paul will share with you proven strategies to help you zero in on the ones that compliment your strengths.

Paul will discuss three important career management techniques.

  • Understanding the ‘Paradox of Choice’ college grads face
  • Using the “Hell’s Bureaucracy” exercise to narrow your focus
  • Leverage your strengths to lean into your narrowed focus.

Presenter: Paul Sanbar

A Professional Certified Coach[PCC] with the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Erickson Certified Professional Coach [ECPC], Paul refers to his coaching modality as Launch Coaching: the intersection of Life and Career Coaching for people looking to launch successfully into their lives.

Over a decade ago, Paul Sanbar transitioned away from the business world to attain his Masters of Psychology in Marriage & Family Therapy from Phillips Graduate University in Los Angeles. There he continued to write and worked as an existentially-focused psychotherapist, before finding his sweet spot between marketing, creativity, and psychology in coaching; specifically, Life & Career Launch Coaching of young professionals and the young at heart looking to move towards a new life trajectory.

Using a Narrative Coaching model, Paul’s goal is to learn the way in which you perceive the world, to help you visualize a future state of project completion or personal growth, and then through active listening and timely questions, hold up the mirror to your aspirations. In doing so, he believes that actionable steps can be actualized, and sustainable momentum can be attained; allowing for a new narrative that supports a purposeful existence.

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