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The HeArt of Networking

Transition and Leadership Expert

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Noa Ronen, MBA PCC


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

The HeArt of Networking

Uggg most of us don’t like to network. As grads networking is a crucial part of your career path, but many times you feel like you don’t really see an added value from those engagements. So how can we shift the way we communicate and create a real system that works? What Networking opportunities are out there that can help you succeed? Join Noa Ronen a leadership and career certified professional coach and explore this topic from an out of the box perspective. She even promises that you will learn how to enjoy networking.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to create a system of networking where people want to help and support your success
  • How to create new conversations, ones where people remember you and even more, want to help you
  • How can you have fun with networking

Presenter: Noa Ronen, MBA PCC

Noa is an inspirational speaker and certified professional leadership and Transition Coach. She coaches international leaders and individuals who go through a life, career or cultural transition. As an Israeli native her personal relocation experience to the US brought her to speak about Dare to BE – how we can keep going on our path when the change doesn’t look as we anticipated, or even when we feel lost. It is her invitation for you to make new choices about the way you lead your life with Impact, Connection, and inspiration. Impact involves getting long-lasting sustainable results, Connection is about spreading the passion you have authentically while inspiring others to join you on your path. Her book the Being of leadership is about to come out at the beginning of 2019.

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