Talk Title:
Articulate Your Talents and How They Will Impact the
Firms You Want to Work With

Career Management

Mark Demos

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Articulate Your Talents and How They Will Impact the Firms You Want to Work With

You are among 2,000,000 college students graduating during May and June. All of you are stepping into an economy that is hiring 200,000 or fewer employees per month. It’s no wonder then that the average grad will take nearly 8 months to land a job. Mark will show you how to impress hiring managers by showing them how you will use your talents to help their firms reach their goals.

Mark will discuss important career management techniques.

  • Know your talents and have exceptional clarity in describing them
  • Know your environment/company and clearly articulate how your talents can impact the company.
  • Seek, ask, volunteer for the opportunity to do what you do best in the company.

Presenter: Mark Demos

I am a coach. I have always been a coach. Before coaching was even a profession I was coaching. I am an expert in connecting with people and finding out where they are and getting clear on where they wanted to get to. I can’t wait to connect with people who are serious about moving forward and making substantive and lasting change.

As the founder of I ask the question, “How do I help peopleknow themselves, identify the right information, make powerful choices and successful engineer outcomes?” I see options. I understand where people can become their very best. I help executives create success. Coaching is about deep insights, seeing people uniquely, working together to find great options solutions and celebrating success.

I love the Gallup StrengthsFinder and have used it with individuals, groups and teams since 2001. I have used the EP 10, Strengths Based Leadership and EQ12. I have developed the Talent DNA SPIES Profile and FLOW Performance Rater and use the PERMA-H.

I have loved working with companies and brands like: Microsoft, Credit Suisse, IBM, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Infinity, Maveron Venture Capital,, The Pro Club, Poo Pourri, I-Link, The Gent’s Place, AMSI, Seattle Seahawks, Future PLC, Mercedes, Jaguar, TBM, Baylor Scott-White, North Texas Enterprise Center, Ciries Technology, and many others. I have really enjoyed working with professional athletes from the NFL, PGA and cricket.

I innovated the software to understand Millennial Talent DNA. I was joined by Dr. Monique Rinere, Dean of Students at Harvard, Dr. Michal Kosinski world-renowned social psychologist and computer scientist from Cambridge and Stanford and Dr. Peggy Kern, director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

I started Talent DNA LLC to provide coaching and talent discovery in: 1. Corporations – 2. Schools, universities and career seekers – 3. Coach training and workshops- 4. High net worth families to bring hope and direction –

My coaching approach was described in my book, “The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance” which received endorsements from some of the world’s most prominent psychologists including Dr Elizabeth Loftus and Dr Christopher Peterson. I am also a contributing author in “Psychology in Everyday Life” with Dr. Deborah Khoshaba, Salvatore Maddi and others. I have written articles in The Journal of Positive Psychology, I’ve Moved On, HR Magazine and CEO Magazine.

If you are looking for to move forward in your life and professional life and need an expert to coach you in the following issues: Clarity, Decisions Making, Leadership Development, Trusted Confidential Advisor, Strategic Ideas and Options, Legacy, Stress Management and Life Ballance, then I am your coach!

When I am done with life, what I must know is that I gave everything God gave me to touch as many lives as I can, to know why they were created!

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