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Define Yourself As A Brand That Delivers Value

Post Graduation Life

101 Lessons They Never Taught You In College: The Essential
Guide for Students and Recent Graduates to
Launch Their Careers

Mark Beal


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Define Yourself As A Brand That Delivers Value

This is your first professional job search. It’s ok to be confused on what to do next, after all, if you are like most grads you did not have time while in college to build a career plan, learn how to manage it, and learn fundamental job search skills.

Mark can’t cover all of that in this session, but you will learn critical skills that can amplify your message and reach employers you would never imagine you could
gain the attention of.

Mark will help you understand the significance of:

  • Developing Your Brand Narrative
  • Detailing Your Target Industries & Companies
  • Driving Your Contacts to Act On Your Behalf

You will leave Mark’s presentation with a greater understanding on how to control your brand messaging, just like major brands manage theirs. You will also learn techniques to job search “smarter” so you don’t end each day frustrated and dejected.

Presenter: Mark Beal

Aside from being a brand marketer and consultant to some of the world’s leading consumer brands for more than 25 years, Mark Beal has served as an adjunct professor in the School of Communication at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey since 2013. He has designed and taught 300 and 400 level courses including Media, Marketing and Communication; Leadership in Groups & Organizations; Principles of Public Relations; and Message Design for Public Relations. During that time, he has taught more than 1,000 students and mentored many more across the nation.

It was these students who inspired Mark to write his first book, 101 Lessons They Never Taught You In College, which was published in 2017 and is available for purchase on Amazon. The book serves as a guide for students as they navigate the transition from college to a career.

Mark brings his 101 Lessons to life via his podcast series, 101 Lessons in Leadership. In each podcast episode, Mark interviews a leader and delves into the mentors who inspired them as well as the lessons in leadership and life that they share with their current followers. The podcast episodes can be listened to for free by simply going to

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