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Amazing Cover Letters to Get a Job Faster!

Job Search

Mark Baker

June 26th, 8:00 pm



Presentation Overview

Amazing Cover Letters to Get a Job Faster!

Don’t be like the other 2,000,000 students graduating in 2018! Mark is going to show you how to stand out, by grabbing the attention of hiring managers who traditionally give less than 30 seconds to review your resume. Your cover letter is going to have to scream why you are the unique candidate.

Mark is going to help you adopt the following proven strategies:

  • Why and how you must position yourself as a stand out problem solver
  • The exact 8 step letter writing method to get the attention of Automatic Tracking Software as well as hiring managers
  • How to avoid 15 critical cover letter mistakes

You will walk away knowing how to write a cover letter thatsatisfies Automatic Tracking Software (ATS) and at the same timeimpresses managers who “know what they want and know when they see it”!

Besides his time tested and proven strategies, Mark will share some of the critical mistakes others make, which you must avoid so you don’t lose out on landing your dream job.

Presenter: Mark Baker

Mark only ever wanted to do two things when he left school, be an actor or an author. He did neither, graduating with degrees in education, psychology, and business.

He dabbled in writing for years on the side. With several articles and short stories published, he eventually took the plunge and wrote his first book.

Having had many jobs over the course of his life, he hadbecome skilled at crafting cover letters, so it was an obvious subject to write about.

Stand Out Cover Letters simply shares his personal approach which has always worked well for him and those he’s mentored. He now primarily works as a freelance writer, blogger and author.

Mark is currently based in Sydney, Australia.

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