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Small Things to Think About that will have a BIG Effect on
Your Career!
Career Expert
Marisella Bodrero


Think carefully about the career you choose!

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Small Things to Think About that will have a BIG Effect on Your Career!

There is no one size fits all-what type of organization fits me best and how do I discover that?

As you prepare for the job market, it’s important you target specific organizations that align most with your personality, lifestyle, and that can support your career growth. Just like anything else, companies come in all different shapes, sizes, and challenges. Deciding which organization type is best for you is something you need to start thinking critically about as you invest in your career journey. Here are some key points and tips/questions I recommend thinking about:

  • Don’t assume that you will like a company because your friend got hired there and they like it too.
  • Know the pros and cons of a large company vs. small or startup
  • Organizational culture begins to form from the top. Ask to shadow or interview the department’s head.

Presenter: Marisella Bodrero

Marisella Bodrero is a transformational career coach, writer, and speaker. She has been featured at several universities and helps early career candidates turn their passions into their dream career.

Marisella spent several years working at fortune 100 and 500 companies where she managed the internship and graduate programs. She has built internship, rotational, and early career management programs from scratch. Marisella has worked with over 100 universities nationwide in developing impactful employer relationships and programs to enhance branding on college campuses. She has been a part of several university advisory committees to help career services and departments enhance their programs as it relates to industry and job market trends.

Her mission is to help early career candidates feel confident, prepared, and inspired as they craft their unique career journey.