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Learn the Fundamentals of Killer Resumes, Acing
Interviews and Sharp Elevator Pitches Talk Strategy
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Malik Miller


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

Learn the Fundamentals of Killer Resumes, Acing Interviews and Sharp Elevator Pitches Talk Strategy

The job search process is not rocket science, but there are fundamental strategies, skills, and best practices that one needs to know in order to land that first professional job. Malik has insights that will help you avoid mistakes many make in the process that delay the first job offer as well as sap your confidence.

Malik will share strategies on:

  • Resumes
  • Interviews
  • Elevator pitches!

Pick up the knowledge you will need to help you get a job faster!

Presenter: Malik Miller

Malik brings a unique perspective as a recent college graduate that was also a campus recruiter. This means that although Malik was in college looking for internships and a full-time job like his peers, he also was hiring his own interns and hiring students for full-time positions.

Malik began his journey of coaching professionalism about seven years ago while he was in high school. His father, a manager for a retail store, taught him the basics of what management seeks in applicant resumes and interviews. Malik combined these teachings with his school’s DECA program to further his knowledge of general professionalism and thus began charging for his professionalism services to his peers. As high school students desired to look better for their college applications, running for student government, or obtaining part-time jobs Malik became the “go-to” peer of choice. This success is further embellished when learning that his family suffered various periods of homelessness throughout his high school career. The socioeconomic burden did not hinder Malik’s academic performance as he graduated at the top 1% of his class and a State Champion in Debate.

Fast-forward to his college career, Malik completed multiple Bachelor Degree and certificate programs in three years. Malik graduated Summa Cum Laude from Oklahoma State University in May of 2018 where he majored in both Management and Marketing while receiving certificates in Customer Interface Excellence, Entrepreneurship, and Human Resource Management as well as an Honors Degree in Management. Across his three years, Malik worked multiple jobs and was an executive in eight student organizations. Some major highlights were his work as a college recruiter for two years under the nonprofit City Year and his multiple conference presentations at schools such as University of North Texas, University of Arkansas, and Oklahoma State University on professionalism.

Given his performance and knowledge on professionalism, Malik was elected to Vice President of Professional Activities for the business fraternity Delta Sigma Pi. In this position, as well as others like it, Malik has continued to teach and mentor college students on general professionalism and assisting peers in job acquisition.

After an internship last summer, Malik now works full-time at ISN Software Corporation in Dallas, Texas as a Business Associate.

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