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Career Management

Liza Wisner

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You are going to join two million grads who are entering the workforce and every single one—like you – are looking to launch a meaningful career.  Kenya born Apprentice contestant, Liza Wisner is going to fire you up and help you see that you need to move fast to get ahead in your career.

In her fast-paced talk Liza will share with you the following tips and ideas:

  • Evaluate how you use your time.
  • Create a career and life plan.
  • Use the PowerUp method to build a life plan to reach your goals.

You will also have an opportunity to download a PDF of her workbook that helps you LIVE, LOVE, and LEARN. 

Presenter: Liza Wisner

HOW WILL YOU POWER UP TODAY? Great ideas that power you up are about thinking through opportunities and coming up with creative solutions to implement them. What do you need to Power Up today? I believe everyone needs a support system. That’s my role in our community. I do this by bringing people and technology together to help you succeed in academics, relationships, family life, personal goals, and career aspirations. I am powered by a passion for living my best life! Connect with me to PowerUp your life!

Kenyan-born Liza Mucheru Wisner is an award-winning television personality serving her community as the learning and organizational development manager for the City of Corpus Christi (

Liza works directly with many organizations, to make their products and services connect better with their teams and their community. Liza graduated with highest honors from Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi earning a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. Liza is the founder of social organizations, including the non-profit, ‘’ whose mission is to bridge the digital-divide and AXOM Foundry, the first coworking space in Corpus Christi.

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