Talk Title:
Become Aware of Your Strengths to Expand
Your Career Horizons

Career Management

Lisa Rice

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Presentation Overview

Become Aware of Your Strengths to Expand Your Career Horizons

Chances are you are unsure of what industries and jobs your academic achievements not have prepared you for. It’s important also to know what your personal strengths and gifts are to identify better the perfect starting job. Lisa will share with you a variety of online resources that will help you expand your awareness of the careers and jobs that will leverage your skills and interests.

Lisa will discuss three important career management techniques.

  • Use your Strengths to look at different career opportunities
  • Explore careers through various online resources (O*NET, CareerOneStop)
  • Use your Strengths to network for your career

Presenter: Lisa Rice

Do you ever feel you have the wrong person in the wrong spot on the bus? Using Strengths coaching, my personal interaction has redirected managers and employees into new responsibilities and increased productivity. Completely restructuring your team? Strengths interviewing, clearly defining what talents you need on the team and coaching new team members into the culture is part of how you ensure you have the best talent on-board.

Are you trying to get your Board of Directors to work together on the mission of your organization? Through a collaborative approach that includes developing the team, setting strategic action goals and following up to ensure things are moving forward your Board of Directors will be prime for success!

Are you building a culture of Strengths in your company? Clifton Strengths has been proven to reduce turnover, engage employees in their Strengths journey and make your company the best place to work!

Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach with over 17 years’ experience using StrengthsFinder in the workplace. CEO of Every Strength Counts providing 1-1 coaching with C level execs and managers. Additionally, helping teams and emerging professionals to make the most of their careers, teams and resolve personnel issues.

Achievements: Led the strategic planning and implementation of workforce efforts for the 9,000 Space Shuttle workers laid off in 2008 – 2010. It resulted in over 5,400 returning to work within 2 years. I have re-organized a non-profit’s structure and resulted in increased visibility of the company and greater productivity. Provided leadership development through StrengthsFinder and follow on coaching with individuals that changed their career trajectory.

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