Talk Title:
Lessons from a Cat’s World to Create Your
Own Employment

Post Graduation Life

The Cats Be Unemployed: A Millennial’s Topsy-Turvy
Chase for Gainful Employment; or, A Generation’s
Catalog of Conundrums

Kristin Butler


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

Lessons from a Cat’s World to Create Your Own Employment

Kristin has been through what you are about to experience. She’s gone through numerous job changes, unemployment and the initial struggle to strike out on her own to make a mark on society utilizing the educational investment she made.

Along the way, she learned some proven strategies that will make your transition easier. You are going to be the benefactor of her experiences and that of dozens of others who have shared their unique stories on how they overcame difficult situations to launch and lead successful careers.

Kristin is going to share three primary themes you can incorporate in your strategy provide a foundation and direction to your career!

  • Get over it, the job search process sucks!
  • It might not be your dream job, but find a job!
  • Be independent and create your own employment opportunities

You will leave this talk with a better understanding on the importance of leveraging the experiences of others and why it’s important to find mentors to help you along the way!

Presenter: Kristin Butler

Kristin D. Butler studied and practiced journalism and sociology while attending college in Fort Worth, Texas. Her generations affairs are her beat. When she is not writing or reading, you can find her drinking sparkling wine, petting her cats belly, and making up new words, dances and silly jingles.

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