Talk Title:
Career Persistence! Never Give UP! Keep Your Eyes on
What You Want to Be

Post Graduation Life

Kevin Hong

June 25th, anytime



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Career Persistence! Never Give UP! Keep Your Eyes on What You Want to Be

You’ve got a lot going for you. Imagine being a 16 year old Korean, fresh off the boat withlimited English putting down $400 to join a multilevel marketing program where 99 percent of those recruited drop out to working to be in the top 3 income earners in California!

Years later with the same dogged persistence, you build a start up to a $15M valuation by living in a van for over 2 years with your startup team.

That’s Kevin Hong! Kevin’s story is an inspiration on why it is important to set your sites on where you want to go and do whatever it takes to get there.

Besides inspiring you to be what you’ve always dreamed what you can be, Kevin will share 3 important principles that will get you there.

  • Flip your weaknesses into strengths – Not everyone is like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. However, that doesn’t mean massive success isn’t right around the corner. Often times, our perceived weaknesses are our greatest strengths.
  • Learn the tricks of trading social value to build powerful connections in any industry – Our Most valuable resource is time. It is the only resource that is not replenishable. In the name of networking, we waste precious time spending it on networks that hold us back. Stay away from the Frenemy Zone and learn to build a vertical network
  • Failing Successful
    You will fail time and time again. Get used to it and always build off of it. There are times when The Outlier Approach completely backfired but more often than not, I was able to land on my feet.

Presenter: Kevin Hong

Kevin Hong is a columnist for Inc. Magazine. He has also contributed to CNBC, Forbes, and Huffington Post. During normal business hours, Kevin runs Cinema Intelligence as the CSO, a big data company which is a subsidiary of the Vista Group, (NZE:VGL). Prior to his current role, Kevin co-founded Dealflicks, a movie-ticketing platform that was valued up to $15m. On weekends, Kevin serves as an advisor to several promising startups and a mentor at the University of Chicago.

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