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Proven tips to Create a Strengths-Based Resume


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Kat Frati


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Proven tips to Create a Strengths-Based Resume

Now that you’ve taken the time to complete assessments, you need to be able to communicate those skills particularly through your resume. Kat will share with you easy to adopt techniques to present your strengths in your resume so they will show how you can accomplish the tasks and responsibilities outlined in the job description and role you are applying for.

Kat will introduce three fundamental job search and career strategies.

  • Highlight your “Insight Report” for descriptions of your existing talents that would correspond to a potential career.
  • Create a short Personal Profile description presenting your unique talents, which can help employers quickly understand what you have to offer and help sell your candidacy.
  • Support it with a great cover letter and LinkedIn profile.

Presenter: Kat Frati

I help grownups (young and old) who are feeling a bit lost, discover their hidden talents and get back on their path–with renewed vigor and strength. When life feels overwhelming, it is often helpful to take a break, gather new tools and supplies, and refocus on a clear vision. Working together, you and I will begin with the end in mind and (using talents you were born with) start creating an action plan for your journey. As you begin to write your own story, you will discover hidden superpowers and potential that you couldn’t see before. It isn’t long before you are on your way again—just being you at your best!

Are you curious about what your Top 5 talents are according to the Clifton Strengths Assessment? Knowing mine has been SO useful in my career, marriage, and parenting. I use my STRATEGIC to create plans (and alternative options), IDEATION to add creative spice into our lives, LEARNER to grow my skills, ACTIVATOR to get things started quickly, and FUTURISTIC to create and focus on a beautiful vision for our days ahead. These are my strongest talents and by using them over and over again everyday I am turning them into my “superpowers”. Reach out to me and I will send you instructions on how you can get a Top5 CliftonStrengths Assessment Code for just $15.

  • I am dedicated to helping others become the best version of themselves (despite what life throws at you) through my coaching practice at and my blog at
  • Together, you and I will go through the process of Learning, Loving, and Living your unique talents and come up with an action plan to start strengthening them.
  • It has been my experience that people who are open to personal reflection and growth have life-changing results after understanding their own CliftonStrengths Assessment talent themes.

Using my top 10 unique talents (Strategic, Ideation, Learner, Activator, Futuristic, Maximizer, Connectedness, Individualization, Arranger, Woo), I will help you put your unique pieces together and create a vision for your strongest future.

Let’s talk strengths! Ask me anything at


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