Talk Title:
Launching Careers: Success When Entering
The Workforce (Opening Doors)

Job Search

Julie Visser



Webinar Overview

Launching Careers: Success When Entering The Workforce (Opening Doors)

Before you enter the workforce it only makes sense to gain a better perspective of who you are, what you want to be, and where you will best fit in the workforce. Now more than ever you need to take the time to do a personal assessment, conduct a career base scoring, identify your personal characteristics, do a skills inventory and identify your value and strength triggers. Julie will share with you how to identify and build on this foundation.

  • Exploring your job search objective
  • Understanding sound negotiating techniques
  • Ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce

Join Julie to learn critical skills that will help you launch a successful career.

Presenter: Julie Visser

Julie Visser enjoyed a professional career leading and partnering with US companies’ worldwide human resources efforts. Her expertise in talent acquisition and global executive placement has resulted in countless job opportunities for those seeking advancement in their careers. Today, Julie divides her time between delivering educational presentations of best practices to navigate entry into today’s competitive job market and consulting with young adults and women when entering or re-entering the workforce.