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Launching Careers: Success When Entering
The Workforce (Opening Doors)

Job Search

Julie Visser

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Presentation Overview

Launching Careers: Success When Entering The Workforce (Opening Doors)

Julie will talk through how you may be feeling at this time in your life and give you tips on how you can best prepare for you job search. You will be provided with information on how to successfully enter the workforce, as it can be overwhelming without a focused plan.

Julie will guide you through how two candidates, who look the same on paper, choose to handle their job search differently. She will review their different job search strategies, how they network and the amount of time/energy each candidate allocates to their search. You will review their different interview styles and learn what makes or breaks this important dialogue.

Strategies and ideas Julie will share with you:

  • Have a game plan prior to your job search
  • Network, Network, Network
  • Treat your career search as a full time job

Bonus Tip: How to make or break an interview

At the end of the comparison, you will decide who you most relate to today and pick up on strategies that may be more effective. You will decide who you believe will open more doors, who will open the right doors, who is more confident, who will most likely enjoy their job and most importantly, who you would hire?

Presenter: Julie Visser

Julie Visser enjoyed a professional career leading companies’ world-wide human resources efforts with an expertise in talent acquisition and global executive placement.

Today, Julie is the president of JA Talent Partners, an executive search firm for businesses and a coaching service for graduates entering the workforce.

Julie enjoys her time guiding young adults and delivering educational talks on best practices to successfully navigate entry and advancement in today’s competitive job market.

Julie is the author of “The Launching and Reviving Careers Workbooks” that are step-by-step guides through the essential components of a successful job search plan.


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