Talk Title:How to Make an Amazing Impression on Your First Boss
Focus:Post Graduation Life
Book:First Job; A Personal Career Guide for Graduates
Presenter:Joyce Jarek

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How to Make an Amazing Impression on
Your First Boss

You are going to have a entirely different relationship with your boss than you do with your professors. Your first boss will expect you to show up on time, stay late, and produce information and reports when they ask. No exceptions!

If you are looking for rapid advancement and salary increases it will be critically important to overperform in your first 100 days.

Joyce will focus on three strategies to help you accomplish that:

  • Use your academic skills to learn and deepen your knowledge about your company
  • Be an outstanding team member, and learn how to succeed together
  • Set six month, one year and three year goals, and be accountable to yourself

The average graduate transitions out of their first professional job within 1-2 years and has to start all over again in the next job. Joyce will give you insights and confidence that will help you determine if your first job is a good fit, or excel wherever you land and at whatever you tackle!

Presenter: Joyce Jarek

In September 2014, I released my first book First Job: A Personal Career Guide for College Graduates published with the help of Friesen Press. After a 27-year business career, I’ve collected my experiences of common mistakes made in business by young professionals, and provide advice on how to navigate the business world responsibly and successfully. If you want to personally advance your own career, visit, and follow the First Job link to order this helpful career guide for your graduate.

Joyce Jarek is the author of the blog Business World – Beyond the Classroom and CEO of Hlpsum1, Inc. – a consultancy focusing on career, community connection and a commitment to pursuing a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

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