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Get What You Want!

Soft Skills

Josh Brecheisen

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Presentation Overview

Get What You Want!

There is nothing wrong with expecting to advance rapidly in your career, but to do so you have to be willing to invest an enormous amount of time not only in your work but your career. Josh will share with you three components of investing in your career; Goals, Energy, and Teacher. You will take away a foundation on which you can build a strategy to get what you want!

Josh will share three strategies to help you launch your career.

  • Goals – Aim for the top, it’s less crowded.
  • Energy – Do what energizes you.
  • Teacher – Find teachers that will accelerate the process.

Presenter: Josh Brecheisen

I fix costly employee mistakes and turnover, turn dead-end jobs into lively careers, and help parents to get their grown child out.The people that get the most out of working with me are:

  1. Small Business Executives in non-IT industries, under or around $1MM in Revenue, and/or below 50 employees.
  2. Working Professionals who hate their jobs
  3. Parents with grown children still living at home

Small Business Executives in non-IT industries, under or around $1MM in Revenue, and below 50 employees.

  • Who are sick of their employees making costly mistakes and want to eliminate them. And/Or…
  • Who are fed up with employees leaving their company when they need them the most. And/Or…
  • Who are scared to step away from the office because everything falls apart.

Working Professionals

  • Who are tired of working in a job that is slowly killing them.
  • Who know they were meant for something more.

Parents with grown children

  • Who have grown children still living at home and want them out.
  • Who wants to see their children find motivation, meaning, and money.

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