Talk Title:
The Wealthy Gardener: Life Lessons on Prosperity
between Father and Son

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John Soforic

June 25th, 6:00 pm



Presentation Overview

The Wealthy Gardener: Life Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son

Your academic career is complete. You now have 30-40 years ahead of you to leverage your expensive education and take your place in society and the wealth and opportunities available to you. As you turn from student to “master of your destiny” you need to gain a perspective of where you want to go and the seeds you need to plant today to get where you want to go tomorrow!

John will remind you

  • How the pursuit of wealth can be a noble adventure
  • Why earning excess money is wise and necessary
  • Why work that fulfills you is vital to amassing wealth

..and much more!

Presenter: John Soforic

I wrote a book on wealth for my son who was in college. I felt qualified to speak on prosperity due to my own financial freedom. As a father, I wanted to pass on my hard-earned life lessons.

Wealth was not easy for me.

For decades I earned an ordinary income while I also started and managed several small businesses. These businesses were average, rural, common, and regular operations with steady cash flows. It was an uphill battle of earning and learning.

By age 50, however, I had one thing that everyone wants at my age: total financial freedom. I had options and security from a series of dull, continual, plodding, and hard-earned successes. I had amassed wealth slowly in the hard-working middle class of America.

Like a soldier who fought in war and emerged victoriously, I had something to say to my son as he was preparing to enter his own battle. The Wealthy Gardener books contain the life lessons I wanted him to know.

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