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Communicate With Hiring Manager Who You Really Are

Job Search

John Gregory Vincent

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Communicate With Hiring Manager Who You Really Are

Hollywood is all about stories. You have a story to tell that will capture the interest of the people who will hire you. You just need to craft the story with the kind of hooks that will make you memorable. Everyone hiring managers interview has a degree and is a hard worker. You must be able to show what makes you stand out and why your passion will help their company or department reach their goals.

John will introduce three fundamental job search and career strategies.

  • Develop your communication-related talents in order to present a genuine, comfortable you in the interview
  • Redesign your verbal and written resume’ around PASSION which is directly tied to your marketable talents and strengths
  • Find confidence in YOU knowing there is no other YOU and the unique approach to any job you bring is indeed your single biggest asset!

Presenter: John Gregory Vincent

For 20+ years I have literally made my living developing teams, consulting, coaching, speaking and LIVING the power of a strengths-based life. This is not a collection of words and thoughts you find familiar the proper use of your insight report, specifically is the single more impactful tool to maximize you. I LOVE “what is right with YOU” thinking and embrace it in all areas of my life. I coach college students (including working with the national championship Clemson Tiger football team) I coach senior executive and I coach regular folk wanting to find their unique lane. Strengths simply put is my life…………….I would be honored to help you make it an important part of yours.

I was Gallup’s global delivery excellence award winner in 2017, strengths is my life and well my top strength. I’m the co-author of the bestselling book Diversity and Inclusion The Submarine Way as well as the critically acclaimed book, UPSIDE, A Guide To Achieving Your Potential in Life. Lastly as a retired Navy Command Master Chief, who spent nearly 15 years underneath the oceans on submarines, I have a unique view of individual and group dynamics that makes my approach both unique and effective. Let’s talk.

As a former Gallup consultant and executive coach, I have been applying a “what’s right with us” mindset to leading and managing for more than 20 years. My expertise is in human behavior change, believing that helping people mine their themes, identify talents and ultimately develop strengths is a powerful “success tool”. My direct work with city managers, police and fire chiefs, executives, new college graduates as well as football players on high performing teams such as the 2018 national champion Clemson Tigers (coaching ALL of their student-athletes) to name a few, gives me great insight into different professions and stages of life.

I will meet you where you are…………

This is not theoretical, it is how I have developed myself and lead teams of 10 and organizations with more than 2500 people. Coaching is a tool to help you develop but my approach is grounded in the reality of the workplace. As a Gallup Certified Strengths coach we will start with a phone call to see if we are a fit. If there is a fit, the first session, and every session, will be about YOU and what you want to achieve

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