Talk Title:
You need to create a plan!

Post Graduation

Jill Zufelt



Presentation Overview

You need to create a plan!

You are leaving a highly structured period of your life where your faculty have laid out exactly what you needed to do to earn your degree. Now you are stepping into your own career where you are in charge of what happens next. If you don’t have a plan, you will stumble from one experience to another. You need to create a plan!

You will increase your chances of landing your dream jobs and living a life that you have control over if you take ownership of your life and put together a plan.

Jill will share with you the importance of:

  • Scheduling healthy priorities! (Self, Spouse, Work, Family, Friends)
  • Setting goals! (Partner with manager and peers to set short term &long term milestones with structure and accountability)
  • Getting real in your communication! (Distinguish between fact & interpretation)

Join Jill for tips and strategies on how to manage your life and those who try to manage you!