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Hack Your Job Search with LinkedIn


Job Search


Jeremy Schifeling


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Hack Your Job Search with LinkedIn

Most new grads starting their careers follow the same approach: Apply for jobs online and hope to hear back. The problem is that they usually don’t hear back – which leaves them scrambling to find any old gig or move back with their parents.

But what if there was a way to hack this broken process and increase your chances of success 10X?  That’s the LinkedIn way.  Jason will take walk you through- step by step -how he has successfully adapted his LinkedIn profile, and his job search strategy to leverage the networking capabilities of LinkedIn to find jobs

In this session, learn how you can:

  • Find the perfect path for your career based on the thousands of alumni who’ve graduated with your same major.
  • Get an interview at any company in the world by finding alumni who can crack the door open for you.
  • Build a profile that gets recruiters reaching out to you!

Presenter: Jeremy Schifeling

Jeremy Schifeling has devoted his career to helping students succeed in theirs. From recruiting top students at Teach For America to leading student marketing for LinkedIn, he’s touched the lives of millions of young people just starting out in their journeys. Along the way, he’s published a top-selling book on job applications, served as a career coach for hundreds of students at the University of Michigan, and produced the most-viewed video in LinkedIn’s history.

He’s also the founder of Break into Tech, a site for anyone who wants to launch a tech career:


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