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LinkedIn is Going to Be a Powerful Job Search Tool for you

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Jeremy Schifeling



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LinkedIn is Going to Be a Powerful Job Search Tool for you

Most people think of LinkedIn as an online resume, but the fact of the mater is LinkedIn is an amazing strategic career and professional development tool. It not only will enable you to effortlessly identify where you want your career to go, but it will connect you with the right people that will make that happen. Jeremy will help you understand how to strategically use LinkedIn to launch and lead a successful career. For example, you will gain insights on how you can use it to answer the following questions:

  • Discover that you have a mutual connection at a 10-person startup who can refer you for a job?
  • Figure out who the hiring manager is for a specific team within a 100K-person conglomerate?
  • Get in touch with alumni from your school and functional area to find out what a secretive organization is really like on the inside?

Presenter: Jeremy Schifeling

Jeremy Schifeling has devoted his career to helping students succeed in theirs. From recruiting top students at Teach For America to leading student marketing for LinkedIn, he’s touched the lives of millions of young people just starting out in their journeys. Along the way, he’s published a top-selling book on job applications, served as a career coach for hundreds of students at the University of Michigan, and produced the most-viewed video in LinkedIn’s history.

He’s also the founder of Break into Tech, a site for anyone who wants to launch a tech career: