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You’re the Boss of Your Own Career!
Lead Yourself to Job Happiness

Career Management

Jennifer Way

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You’re the Boss of Your Own Career! Lead Yourself to Job Happiness

You’ve got so much to look forward to – IF – you take ownership of your career. 

You can start your career being led and waiting for someone to tell you what to do every hour of the day, or, you can reach out and grab the opportunities that are all around you right now! 

Discover how to use all the amazing knowledge, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills you picked up while in college to help you find a job, bring value to your employer, and become known in your industry.

Jennifer will light you up and help you focus on these three areas:

  • Establish yourself as a professional.
  • 10 areas of career management.
  • Join your industry now.

Presenter: Jennifer Way

National speaker, author, and consultant on employment, hiring and career management strategies. Jennifer Way is the CEO for Way Solutions, a consulting firm whose clients include Disney, Microsoft, Nissan, Ethan Allen, Princeton University and many more. She frequently speaks and consults for Careerbuilder.

Jennifer’s latest book, Caffeinate Your Career is now available on Amazon. This collection of career management microactions will infuse your work engagements with inspiration. Gain access to resources and cultivate the best work assignments inside your organization. This isn’t about more work, it’s about better work. Wake up to better work assignments, more money, and greater opportunities in 5 to 15 minutes a day–perfect with your morning coffee.

Jennifer happily lives in Nashville with her fabulous husband Dan, and her dog Madi, the sweetest pup there ever was.

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