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Jennifer Doyle Vancil

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Presentation Overview

Making Career Decisions More Manageable

Deciding on a career can be overwhelming. Career Coach Jennifer Vancil will help you break this down into three separate decisions to make these decisions more manageable.

Jennifer discuss three separate career decisions:

  • Use assessments to determine your desired ROLE.
  • Use work of work knowledge/research to choose an INDUSTRY.
  • Understand your VALUES and how to choose a Role and Industry that fits your career values.

Presenter: Jennifer Doyle Vancil

I’m a career coach and professional trainer of career coaches who is also currently working as a Global Strengths Evangelist/Subject-Matter Expert for Career Coaching for

  • As a coach, I help clients looking to transition to more meaningful work learn to work in and from your natural talents and strengths to create more engagement, more success, and greater opportunities for promotion and advancement. Strengths-Based career coaching starts with strengths and takes you through the process of identifying and reaching your career goals by understanding, working from, and communicating your strengths to others.
  • As a trainer, I work with career coaches wanting to understand how to use the CliftonStrengths (Strengthsfinder) assessment in your career coaching or to help your clients or students communicate their strengths in interviews, on resumes, in LinkedIn, and in networking meetings.
  • As a Global Strengths Evangelist for Soar, I’m working to create partnerships to bring career coaching referrals to Soar coaches.

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