Talk Title:
Keep an Open Mind, Be Realistic, and Don’t Settle

Post Graduation Life

Jason Madden

June 25th, 5:40 pm EDT



Presentation Overview

Keep an Open Mind, Be Realistic, and Don’t Settle

Don’t forget that this is your career and you CAN control its direction and destiny. Jason will remind you about your primary goals of focusing on income, lifestyle, accumulating wealth and equity goals. Retirement comes faster than you might imagine. Join Jason to learn proven strategies to launch an lead a successful career.

Jason will share three strategies to help you launch your career.

  • Keep an open mind
  • Focus on income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity goals
  • Don’t settle, but be realistic about initial options.

Presenter: Jason Madden

My goal is to help my fellow veterans and seasoned professionals reach their goals of business ownership through proven processes and methods developed by the Entrepreneur’s Source, a trusted partner in the business and franchise community for over 30 years. My services are at no obligation or cost to my clients.

The Entrepreneur’s Source is a nationwide coaching firm that helps people explore alternative careers. We provide you with education, awareness, and discovery, and have access to hundreds of leading opportunities. 95% of our clients end up in opportunities they admittedly would have never looked at on their own.

I grew up in Butte, Montana and currently live in Chelmsford, MA. I served in the US Marine Corps for 4 years, followed by 12 years of Active Duty service in the US Army specializing in military intelligence and infantry operations. I have a master’s certificate in project management from Penn State, and a BS in business management. Despite separating from the military, my love for serving others and making an impact on the world has not changed; my new mission as a coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source allows me to continue to serve and add value to the lives of others by sharing my own experiences in franchising and providing educational programs and coaching for others that plan to walk the same path.

If you have a desire to own your own business, I can help you realize this dream. I aim to introduce you to franchises that best suit your unique skill set and management style, as well as correspond to your lifestyle and overall business goals. After we work together to choose the ideal business for you, we will them work to find the best way to finance the business, including paying yourself a salary. There is no obligation nor fee to you, the client, for my services. If you happen to be a fellow Veteran, I can help you obtain a discount on the franchise fees via the Vet Fran Program.

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Office: 978-489-8266

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