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Tips & Strategies to Succeed from Graduates Who Suffered
Ahead of You!

Post Graduation Life

50 Life Lessons for Grads; Recent Graduates Share Their
Best Advice on Succeeding in the Real World

Janet Holms McHenry


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

Tips & Strategies to Succeed from Graduates Who Suffered Ahead of You!

Who better than a recent graduate to help you navigate life after college? With encouragement and advice, fifty young women and men share what they learned the hard way so you can better prepare for the same challenges.

From ‘Money Isn’t Everything’ to ‘Real Friendships Take Effort,’ their advice will, keep you focused, save you embarrassment, keep you out of touchy situations, and give you the confidence to launch and lead a successful career and life.

Janet will focus on the following fundamental themes shared by graduates who walked off campus before you!

  • Money isn’t everything. Learn what makes you tick and then decide how much money you need
  • Friending after college is not so effortless! You need to invest time in others if you expect them to invest time in you
  • Take immediate steps to not only assert your independence but to support your independence.

You’ve heard the phrase, “No need to reinvent the wheel”! Take a moment to join Janet to learn what and how to avoid issues that could set back your career, and more importantly where to focus on to live a happy, joyful life.

Presenter: Janet Holms McHenry

Janet’s mission is to get you Looking Up! In fact, she prays daily that she will encourage others through her writing and speaking. No matter what the subject is — prayer, spiritual health, writing, family, friends, or faith – Janet will fill you with help from God’s Word, hope from her own stories, and honest humor from her heart.

After Janet graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a degree in journalism, she married her high school sweetheart Craig and worked as a newspaper reporter and editor. They eventually settled down in the Sierra Valley in northern California, where Craig is a rancher and where there is not a single stoplight in the entire county. In their town of 700+ folks, she says they have raised four pretty good children – all done with college and married – and are now enjoying the grandkids, all of whom are perfect. Visit the Family Gallery
As a busy writer, speaker, prayer coordinator at her church, and board member of The Sierra Schools Foundation, Janet says the only pastime she has time for is friends! And she looks forward to knowing you better! Find her on Facebook or her Looking Up! blog.