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Practice being a Leader Without the Title

Post Graduation Life

Gregg Frederick

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Presentation Overview

Practice being a Leader Without the Title

If you want to advance quickly and be recognized as a potential leady you will have to act like one, even though you don’t have the responsibility. That doesn’t mean you boss everyone around, but that you show management you are self-sufficient and capable of handling the responsibilities you’ve been given with minimal oversight. Gregg will share ideas on how you can not only accomplish that but also use your strengths to succeed in your position.

Gregg will get you thinking about critical career launching strategies.

  • Identifying where you can focus on your strengths in your new role
  • How to be a leader without having the title
  • Using a growth mindset to set you and your new career up for success

Presenter: Gregg Frederick

As a former Director of Sales, I used strengths as a catalyst to grow sales 42% ($40M) in 3 years at the world’s largest bicycle brand. Mapping the strengths of the management and sales teams (50+ employees) and aligning the execution of the strategic objectives around the team members strengths, allowed us to profitably grow revenues 42%, increased employee engagement and motivated the team to outpace the industry. All records for the company at the time.

I thrive with high-achievers with high expectations.

My firm, G3 specializes in implementing a strengths-based approach in sales and athletics. We use Strengthsfinder in our Emerge Coaching program, which focuses on strengths development, leadership development, and mindset coaching. G3 Development Group’s proprietary coaching method, Emerge Coaching, helps you build self-awareness through strengths (EQ>IQ), effectively trains you to be a leader in your organization through our leadership development programs and prepares you to be in the top tier of your profession with professional peak-performance mindset training. The results of the Emerge Coaching program have been amazing!

Achievements and positions:

  • Giant Bicycle, Inc – Director of Sales and Business Development, used Strengths to grow sales $40M in 3 years
  • Current Coach to C-Suite Executives, Olympic Athletes, World Champions, and International Champions.
  • Coached, trained and presented strengths to over 2,000 individuals
  • Owner/President of G3 Development Group and Corazón Communications
  • Advisory Board of Directors, Sales and Marketing Executives International, Orphancared International

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