GRAD CareerFestival


Everyone Involved In the Grad CareerFestival is Focused

on Four Goals!

We are hosting the Grad CareerFestival because dozens of research reports and surveys over the past decade have shown college graduates have a difficult time transitioning from their college dorm to their corporate cubicle.

That’s why dozens of concerned professionals are coming together in the Grad CareerFestival to:

  1. Help graduates get jobs faster!
  2. Encourage graduates to build a career plan.
  3. Increase graduates awareness of the value of working with career coaches.

1. Help graduates get jobs faster!

Research suggests it will take the average graduate 7.4 months to get a job. Part of the reason is that while in college students focused on their academic requirements and did not invest any time in career planning and job search training. If the information our 65 presenters share helps grads find a job even one month faster, it will help them earn $3,000 – $4,000 more in salary! More importantly, according to the Department of Labor Statistics, the average learner today will have 11-14 jobs by the time he/she is 38. The tips, skills, and information students can pick up during the Grad CareerFestival will pay off multiple times in their career.

2. Encourage graduates to build a career plan!

Do you have a career plan? Everyone has in their minds a general idea of what they want to achieve during their working career, but only a few have it written down. We are not just talking about a career plan that looks three decades out, but a career plan that identifies specific steps one needs to take year by year to reach a 3 or 5-year goal. Research has proven that people who write down their goals and the steps required to reach them have a greater chance of reaching their goals. We want to help grads launch and lead successful careers!

3. Increase awareness of the value of working with a career coach!

Athletes have them, executives have them, and people interested in toning up their bodies have them. Studies show the average American will spend over $500 per year just on gym memberships. Our goal is to help graduates see the value of working with a professional career coach and to encourage them to build relationships with career coaches in their area, online, or from their alma mater in order to help them reach their career goals faster and with less effort.


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