Welcome to the seventh-annual Grad CareerFestival!


Watch all 18 presentations on-demand

Unsure of what you are going to do? You need to take time to explore your career options and then create a written career plan that will lead you to your dream job. Join authors and coaches to learn how to create a foundation you can launch and lead a successful career.


Watch all 18 presentations on-demand

You are competing with nearly two million college grads who are looking for a job in an economy that is producing about 200,000 new jobs a month. You need to stand out! Eighteen career authors and coaches will provide dozens of strategies that will help you land a job faster so you can put your paycheck toward living the life you want to lead.


Watch all 18 presentations on-demand

You are making the most dramatic career transition of your life, but you are not alone! Millions of graduates have already transitioned from their college dorm to their corporate cubicle. You will learn the value of mentors and coaches to help you land your dream job and how to refinance your student loans, manage your relationship with your boss and colleagues, rapidly advance your career, and act on your career plan.


Watch all 18 presentations on-demand

Hiring managers put a huge emphasis on soft skills like communication, creativity, problem solving, teamwork, and leadership. If you are interested in rapidly advancing your career, you need to show hiring managers you are investing time to build your soft skills.

We have three goals!

  • Help you land a job faster!
  • Remind you of the positive impact career mentors and coaches will have in helping you
    reach your goals.
  • Encourage you to create a career plan and management it.

To accomplish that, we’ve organized the Grad CareerFestival around four tracks. Each track will feature TED Talk length presentations from 9 career authors from around the world and 9 career coaches. The authors and coaches will share three tips you can immediately implement! You are invited to stop in at anytime to pick up dozens of ideas and proven strategies from the 72 career authors and coaches who will be sharing proven tips, strategies, and best practices during the four-day online career conference.