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Your Online Brand is the New Resume.
Learn How to Promote Who You are and Where YOU are
Going Online.

Career Management

Branding Yourself; How to Use Social Media to Invent
or Reinvent Yourself

Erik Deckers


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Webinar Overview

Your Online Brand is the New Resume. Learn How to Promote Who You are and Where YOU are Going Online.

You have an advantage that generations before you did not. It’s called Social Media. At no cost and by simply using your phone, you can create a video for a local non profit to support an event or initiative, or write a blog article that details who will be participating in the event, or even sharing and commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin on someone else’s post about the event. Each of these activities says something about you, your knowledge, commitment, and interests. Everything you do becomes part of your online Brand.

Erik will give you a jump start to understand three fundamental strategies to leverage social media in order to promote who you are and where you are going.

  • How blogging is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise.
  • How social networking will open doors you didn’t even know existed.
  • Informational interviews, and not job boards, will be the most likely way you find your next job.

This is fun stuff, but it will be critically important if you are going to stand out in what is destined to be an immensely globally connected labor market.

Presenter: Erik Deckers

Erik is the president and owner of Pro Blog Service. Erik co-authored Branding Yourself (3rd. ed. 2017, Que Publishing), No Bullshit Social Media, and The Owned Media Doctrine. He also helped write Twitter Marketing for Dummies. Erik has been a newspaper humor columnist since 1994 and is published in 10 newspapers around Indiana and Canada. He is also an award-winning playwright, both for stage and radio theater. Erik was the writer-in-residence at the Jack Kerouac House in Orlando for Spring 2016, and now serves on their board of directors.

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