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Secrets to Getting Interview and Hired!
Career Expert

Elli Reese


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

Secrets to Getting Interviewed and Hired from a College Recruiter!

Face it. You are completely new to the job search process and have no experience, knowledge or awareness of how to play the game.  You will learn inside tricks, steps, and secrets that will help you get a job – FAST.

  • How to catch the attention of a college recruiter
  • What a college recruiter is looking for
  • Know your competition

Presenter: Elli Reese

Experience in recruiting, HR, management, operations, event management, sales and marketing, employee development and customer service. I completed an MBA in 2011 giving me the education necessary to strive in any management position. I am a dynamic leader, focused on empowerment. I will bring an ownership mentality to any position I have. Additionally, I have lived abroad in Ireland, Costa Rica and Argentina for more than 2.5 years, gaining experience in adaptation, cultural diversity, language, and communication. Some additional skills that will be helpful for your team are that I speak Spanish fluently and have complete multiple rounds of Sandler sales training.

My goal in the future is to be in a position that possesses a list of four basic elements; authority, autonomy, honesty and growth. Ideally in the fields of recruitment, technical recruiting, sales, business development, marketing, coaching, training, HR, or account management. 

As a person, I am passionately curious and always eager to learn new things. I love sports(particularly NCAA athletics) of all kinds, cooking and learning about new cultures. I have an insatiable passion for travel and hope to some day out at least 2 52-page passports full of visas and stamps. My top 5 strengths on the Gallup Strengths Finder are: