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The Ultimate Side Hustle Book: 450 Moneymaking
Ideas for the Gig Economy

Post Graduation Life

Elana Varon

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The Ultimate Side Hustle Book: 450 Moneymaking Ideas for the Gig Economy

Chances are that as a college student you have been working part-time and summer jobs since high school in order to fund your education and make ends meet. Now, however, your circumstances are changing. 

Once you get a full-time job, you may want to have a side hustle alongside it to help with paying off your student loans, making car payments, and affording extras. Or you may be starting your career as a gig worker juggling a schedule full of temporary assignments.

Elana will help you be strategic in choosing and managing your side hustle—or multiple ones including:

  • Reasons to have a side hustle: whether you simply need extra money, you’re trying to gain career experience, or you have a business idea, why you need to know your goals.
  • Choosing a side hustle: with hundreds of ways to make money, how to pick the side hustle that’s best for you.
  • Making the most of your side hustle: advice for managing your time and maximizing your earnings.

    Presenter: Elana Varon

    Elana Varon is the author of The Ultimate Side Hustle Book: 450 Moneymaking Ideas for the Gig Economy (Adams Media, 2018). Her career began with a side hustle: writing software documentation for a tech startup.The payout from the startup never came, but she learned first hand how a side hustle could provide more than extra money.

    Elana worked as a freelance writer while earning a B.A. in English from Tufts University and a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Duke University, gaining experience that helped her land a jobafter graduate school covering the U.S. Congress. An award-winning business writer and editor, she has spent more than two decades chronicling the ways that advances in technology change how people work.

    From 2006 to 2011, Elana was the executive editor of CIO, where she directed the magazine’s monthly coverage of business technology, leadership, and innovation. In 2011, she founded Cochituate Media to provide editorial services to corporate and nonprofit clients.A series of projects about the future of work, her experience as a gig worker, and conversations with friends and colleagues about their side projects got her thinking about what having a side hustle means today, and the explosion of choices people have to earn more, build their skills or try out new careers. Her book is a reference tool for exploring the variety of jobs a person can do part time along with advice for managingside hustles so they pay off.

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