Talk Title:
Total Internship Management
Post Graduation
Dr. Robert Shindell
June 25th, 6:40 pm EDT



Presentation Overview

Total Internship Management

Hiring managers consider internships an important qualification for a job. If you have had an internship you need to know how to leverage that experience and show hiring managers what you learned and how you can apply that knowledge and skill in the job they are looking to fill. If you did not have an internship you need to show hiring managers what you’ve learned from your part-time jobs.

Dr. Shindell will review the importance of:

  • Showing hiring managers what you learned from your internships and how it will benefit their department
  • Getting a paid or non-paid internship while you are looking for full time employment.
  • Using the resources and expertise of your career center – even after you’ve graduated.

Presenter: Dr. Robert Shindell

Dr. Robert Shindell has spent two decades in the career services and hiring space. He’s the principal investigator of the National Internship & Co-op Study, and is one of the most sought-after speakers and thought leaders in the country on internship management, entry-level hiring, and collegiate career services effectiveness. He’s the President and CEO of Intern Bridge, and has presented his Total Internship Management workshops to over 4.800 employers across the country.

Dr. Shindell’s research and opinions are often quoted in the New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Washington Post, Inside Higher Ed and many more. He has worked with thousands of employers and higher education career centers in developing successful experiential education experiences for employers through both live and virtual presentations.

Dr. Shindell earned a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration from Texas Tech University a master’s degree in training and development from Midwestern State University, and a bachelor’s degree in education from The University of Toledo.


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