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Career Mapping: Planning Your Career on Purpose

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Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

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Create an Elevator Pitch that Catches Hiring Managers Attention

Congratulations! You have been appointed a manager of the world’s most important brand. You need not to go far to find this brand—you can find it in the mirror. Yes, you are a brand, and no one else has more at stake for your brand’s success than you. Personal branding is an ongoing process; it requires a continuous improvement mindset.

You have a great incentive to embrace personal branding as it will help you get noticed for your achievements and abilities.

Join Don to gain an understanding of how to manage the 3Ms of personal branding

  • Meaning
  • Makeup
  • Message

You will learn to relish the privilege of managing the world’s most important brand. It can be a daunting responsibility, but the 3Ms framework you will learn provides a course of action you can implement to create a brand that brings value to others and is rewarding to you.

Presenter: Dorothy Tannahill-Moran

iI don’t know if you are like I used to be when thinking about book authors. I had it in my head that authors were perfect English majors, wrote recreationally since childhood and saw their destiny as a published author.

That was not me.

The one thing I did do was gathered and share information usually in the form of speaking and training. Writing was a torturous event for me for all sorts of reasons. It wasn’t until I had gone from a management role into coaching that I realized I had to find additional forms of communication – like writing.

Still not thinking about writing books, I wrote and published articles and gave webinars to guide people who needed career advice. It was only after I had written about 1000 articles that someone pointed out to me that I could have written a book. Wake up call!

That is how I arrived at writing and publishing 3 books. I started with Career Mapping, then Easier Networking and Personal Branding. Each one of them covering topics with practical “how-to” direction for the issues I saw most commonly creating problems for people who wanted to get ahead professionally. I think I probably have a couple more books in me.

I was born and raised in Kansas, moved to Oregon where I lived for 35 years, returning to Kansas 2 years ago. Yes- that makes me: Dorothy from Kansas. I wasn’t named after the movie character; I was named after my aunt Dorothy, who is also from Kansas. It is here I live with my patient husband and demanding cat.

I’m always curious about the people who read this as well as my books. Give me a “shout out” here or from my website I’d love to hear from you.

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