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LinkedIn and Compensation Strategies to
Land Your First Job

Job Search

Donald Crews

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Presentation Overview

LinkedIn and Compensation Strategies to
Land Your First Job

Few people use their LinkedIn profile to show why they are the right candidates. It’s important that your profile identifies qualitative and quantitive success stories about you. Donald will share with you how you can use your LinkedIn profile to stand out. You will also learn how to maximize the compensation you receive!

Donald will introduce three fundamental job search and career strategies.

  • LinkedIn and resumes should tell stories about how amazing you are. Quantify successes. People believe in numbers.
  • You should optimize your profile on LinkedIn to garner interest from recruiters but remember 89 % of U.S. businesses have less than 20 employees. Few of them use recruiters or even have a full time HR departments. Find ways to connect with real human beings.
  • The most effective response to compensation is an open-ended answer along the lines of “I’m sure you have a dollar figure in mind. And that number would be?”

Presenter: Donald Crews

I am in the superpower business. I help people name their talents, take ownership of them and then use them to do amazing things.

I am a Strengths sherpa. I help amazing people find their way by exploiting the talents they possess. I help them see the path forward, select and haul some of the tools while noting their successes and recommending ways to work past stuff that gets in the way.

I am especially interested in working with:

  • People at a transformational point who are trying to figure out what’s next, like job seekers, career changers and those who feel stuck.
  • Organizations who want staff to be happier, more effective and more engaged. I have done this with government, libraries and non-profits.
  • Anyone desirous to be more aligned with their how’s and whys.

I used to be a research librarian. I have a knack for helping people figure out the questions they are trying to ask and then helping find the resource that holds the answers. It’s a librarian thing.

I used to be a Mariner. I have been in the middle of the ocean and found my way with the stars, a sextant and a compass. Now I help people find their way with their Strengths, desire and effort. It’s a navigator thing.

So if you want to release your superpowers and you need a coach, a sherpa, a researcher, a navigator, then we need to talk.