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You Have to Sell Yourself to Convince Hiring Managers
You are the Right Candidate

Soft Skills

David Cook

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You Have to Sell Yourself to Convince Hiring Managers You are the Right Candidate

Everyone is involved in selling something at one time or another every day of their lives.

Selling involves the process of sharing information to help a person make a decision. We sell ideas to our significant others, friends, and family. In order to land a job, we have to sell the hiring manager on the fact that we have the right stuff to do the job. 

You may not be thinking of a job that focuses on selling, but your career will be better served by understanding the fundamentals involved in selling who you are, what you stand for, and the ideas you believe in.

David will share easy to adopt strategies that will help you how to win friends and influence others:

  • Get your interviewer laughing immediately and say their name over and over in your interview. 
  • Think benefits when you are selling yourself to someone. What is in it for them? How are you going to help them make more money?
  • How to overcome Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. (FUD)

    Presenter: David Cook

    Award-Winning Author DAVE COOK is considered by many to be a leading authority on sales training, coaching, and sales motivation in the United States and around the world. He has 30+ years of experience at various levels in the corporate world and a proven track record of highly successful sales experience. At his current place of employment, Business and Legal Resources (BLR), Dave has been a top producer and sales trainer for the past ten years.

    His awards include:

    • CEO / President’s Club Award for Outstanding Sales Achievement for all ten years of his employment

    • Joe Berneski Leadership Award for Outstanding Leadership Skills

    Dave has been a guest speaker at conferences in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando, New Orleans, New Haven CT and many more. Dave’s expertise in sales keeps him in demand as a sales trainer, and motivational speaker. He has a way of motivating those around him thus bringing people to a level of excellence they never knew possible.

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