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Your Elevator Pitch: Learn How to Impress Anyone in
30 Seconds!

Job Search

David C. Winegar

June 24th, anytime



Presentation Overview

Your Elevator Pitch: Learn How to Impress Anyone in 30 Seconds!

David has been pitched by prospective employees, vendors, and startup entrepreneurs. He knows what works and what doesn’t work.

You are not only going to learn how to craft an amazing elevator pitch but gain a fundamental understanding of why they work. You’ll learn the latest neuroscience research on how others will process your pitch and how you can use that to build a better personal brand statement

Most people think career development follows a straight line. You’ll hear that choosing your career calls for discovering exactly what you want and matching your innate skills and talents to fit that career.

David will share with you the following themes/strategies/tips that you’ll never want to forget.

  • Your brand has to be built around how others perceive you
  • Tips and strategies to build a tight, focused elevator pitch
  • Strategies when and where to share your elevator pitch

Plus, David will give you access to his online brand creator tool!

You will also get exclusive access to Davide’s online brand survey that creates a step-by-steppersonal workbook for developing your band statement.

Presenter: David C. Winegar

David C Winegar has more than 20 years’ experience in developing people in multinational organizations and has been a founder of two multi-million-dollar funded tech companies one in travel and one in mobile.

David has an MBA in organizational behavior and eBusiness from the University of Pittsburgh and has been running his own training and development company focusing on leadership and sales for the last ten years. His work has taken him around the world, training 1000s of people from more than 70 different countries. His areas of expertise include neuroscience, conversational intelligence, presentation and pitch writing, and business coaching.

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