Talk Title:
Stop Settling, Settle Smart!

Post Graduation

Dana Look-Arimoto

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Presentation Overview

Stop Settling, Settle Smart!

You are moving from placing all-nighters to study for finals and completing projects and group assignments. Now you are stepping into a high-pressure work environment where the tests and assignments never end. You will have to learn how to deliver on your job description while at the same time learn how to balance your career.

Dana will remind you that you own your career, but if you are not careful others will drive your career – probably in directions that you don’t want to go, or are not good for you.

You will learn:

  • Techniques to avoid burnout in your career.
  • Aspirational career strategies to keep your career on track.
  • Work-life balance strategies for a holistic career.

You will also learn the importance of adopting the philosophy of “Stop Settling, Settle Smart!”