Title:The Graduates Handbook
Focus:Career Management
Series:Grad CareerFestival
Presenter:Clark Gaither

Spend the time today to gain an understanding on where you want to go tomorrow!

Webinar Overview

The Graduates Handbook, Your No-Nonsense Guide for What Comes Next

Gain advice from someone that has been where you are today! Clark offers insights on careers, procrastination, reality-based living, fear, failure, and relationships. You’ll not only learn what you should do, but also what not to do! You can avoid making the same mistakes other graduates make! This will save you time, money, and help you advance faster!

The three strategies Clark will share with you include:

1) Understanding the Power of Obstacles and Struggle.

2) How to Crush Procrastination.

3) Building Resilience for the Long Haul

Presenter: Clark Gaither

I am a writer, speaker, podcast producer and personal coach for physicians and other professionals who suffer from burnout. Also, I enjoyed a career in medicine for 24 years as part of an office-based family practice in Goldsboro, NC.


I have given hundreds of lectures up and down the east coast to physicians, professional groups and the public on various topics such as physician burnout, addiction and recovery issues, hypertension, cholesterol disorders, smoking cessation, and various therapeutic pharmaceutical agents.


I planned and helped to establish a free clinic in Wayne County and Goldsboro, NC, now in its thirteenth year. It is a mobile medical unit which travels to 19 different locations in the county each month in order to provide free care to those that have no resources to obtain medical care otherwise. All the care on the mobile medical unit is free, all the labs are free and almost all of the patient’s medications are free. A satellite clinic was opened at the Family-Y to handle all of the demand. These two clinics see a total of 800+ patients each month for acute care and ongoing chronic disease management. With a staff of sixteen and an annual budget of $950,000.00+, it is the second busiest free clinic in North Carolina.
I am past chair of the North Carolina Physicians Health Program and currently the Medical Director. It is a program devoted to helping troubled physicians recover from alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, patient boundary violations, and other behavioral disorders.


In 2002, I was named Family Physician of the Year by the North Carolina Academy of Family Physicians. In 2010, I became a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

I received my state’s highest honor for volunteerism in December of 2016, North Carolina’s Order of The Long Leaf Pine.


In my play time, I enjoy woodworking, amateur astronomy, scuba diving and travel. I also enjoy collecting rocks, minerals, and meteorites.