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Three Strategies to Banish Procrastination from Your Life
Career Expert

Christine Kotik


Think carefully about the career you choose!

Webinar Overview

Three Strategies to Banish Procrastination from Your life!

We all put off things that are not immediately needed.  Sometimes this is necessary as we juggle our personal and professional responsibilites.  However in both cases, putting off things can cost us emotionaly, psychologicially, and financially.  It can not only affect our personal lives but our jobs and careers too!

Christine will help you:

  • Recognize when you need to act on a priority
  • Manage your personal and professional to dos!
  • Remove the roadblocks that keep you from completing a project

Presenter: Christine Kotik

I work with frustrated individuals of all ages who want to dig into why they do the things they do and then leverage that knowledge into strategies and new skills that will provide the structure they need to move forward.

Students with ADHD often struggle in the classroom, at home, with peers and even at work, so I help them build skills and acquire strategies to improve time management, decrease procrastination, develop realistic views of a task or situation, and improve relationships.

I help parents to better understand and support their child. Young adults and college students, who are experiencing independence in a very new way, are empowered to make decisions, improve follow through, build strong relationships and develop accountability. I assist adults, overwhelmed and running late, in breaking through the barriers that exist and moving towards living the life they’ve been wishing for.