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Your Job Is to Proactively Research and Meet Others in
Your Department

Soft Skills

Cheryl McCurdy Christiansen



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Your Job Is to Proactively Research and Meet Others in Your Department

One mistake entry-level professional make is not investing the time to get to know everyone within their department and what they do. Most new employees wait for others to approach them and get to know them. Cheryl will provide tips and strategies on how you can learn who your coworkers are before you even start so you can address them by name and title. It’s a perfect way to impress them and show them you regard them as important.

Cheryl will discuss three important career management techniques.

  • Know who is who, their role, and what motivates them
  • Understand what drives the business; what problems do you solve for customers/clients
  • Always be learning

Presenter: Cheryl McCurdy Christiansen

Coming from a large family of seven children with a scientist father and a musician mother, uncovering strengths was challenging as exposed to many areas of personal and intellectual development. After obtaining a Business Management Finance degree spent several years automating companies as technology replaced manual processes and selling access to databases used to build new technologies. A successful career selling in the high technology, aerospace, engineering, and security industries for eighteen years working primarily with engineers and nine years working in academia (five years in a Title I high school and four years as a college professor). Returned to industry in 2012 to build and lead Sales Enablement and Training programs for two multi-billion dollar brands.

Christian, faith-driven woman who loves all people, overlooking the challenges they may experience, but with a desire to help them find their purpose as she has successfully transformed her career seven (7) times. Now she is building her own Start-up and working on several projects while she attends Harvard for a Business Analytics Certificate in AI, Machine Learning, all things Data Science.

Currently enrolled in the Harvard Business Analytics Program to ensure the latest research in data science is known and shared with clients and how it provides opportunities or potentially impacts industries across the globe. As business needs change, supporting your teams through excessive growth, potential downsizing, or integration of mergers and acquisitions, building a culture of collaboration and a desire for lifelong learning will set your company apart. Also working to facilitate a partnership between Corporate America and Academia with a SaaS offering. Having worked in both industries, Cheryl McCurdy Christensen understands the gap and the pain points for both.

Married for 17 years, experienced and overcame several hardships but building a business together with her husbandBruce has enriched their marriage tremendously.

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